MGRM Net takes complete responsibility of the process of implementing the system in the client site effectively, train the staff and also provide the support going forwards. The three phases of implementation and support of any solution or services provided by MGRM Net are listed beloww.

Readiness Phase:

  • A team will visit the Institute and check Data readiness, process readiness, infrastructure readiness and Application readiness
  • Share the standard reports generated by M-Star, with the user group of the Institute
  • Configure any additional changes requested by the Institute to meet their specific needs
  • Application deployment and commencement of training

Deployment & Training Phase:

  • SETUP / Configuration of modules.
  • Training on all modules to be based on OmVcard personalization of all employees and students
  • Make the additional customizations/ new developments as indicated by the users in Training Session Feedback.

Support Phase:

MGRM Net provides Customer Support in the following modes

  • MIP (Online / Remote Support, Telephonic Support, Helpdesk Support)
  • Onsite Visits