M-Gov™ e-Services (Women & Child)

MGRM Net M-Gov platforms are very comprehensive and cover the following services under the Women and Child welfare Government services. They are configurable to the state/country policies accordingly.

National Mission on Women Empowerment

  • Social Empowerment & Education
  • Health & Nutrition Literacy Programs / Institution Service Delivery
  • Adolescent Girl Program
  • Women Empowerment Programs (Leadership, Knowledge and Skills Development)
  • Gender Mainstreaming

Consumer Awareness Program

National Rural Health Mission

  • Pregnancy Registration
  • Pregnant Women Health Checks / Home Visits
  • Pregnant Women Literacy Programs
  • Child Birth & Delivery Counseling
  • Birth Registration & Certificates
  • Mother & Child Tracking
  • Integrated Childhood Development Service
  • Immunization & Ante Natal Care
  • Worker & Health Functionaries Training