Technology Edge

MGRM Net has licensed a host of education technologies from its technology parent MGRM to implement and service advanced e-Governance solutions. It uses its vast expertise in technologies on the information, communication and telecommunication (ICT) platforms, including WAN, VPN wireless and mobile technologies, video conferencing, biometrics-enhanced security, interactive voice response (IVR), server technologies and other microprocessor-based systems to offer end-to-end solutions.

Technology-Value Blend

Every product, service and solution of MGRM Net is developed based on the Human Life Cycle approach. Our products feature a fine blend of technology and human values with specific connect to the location-related nuances of any domain at the individual level.

Process Driven Solutions

High degree of process orientation is the USP of MGRM Net products. This is the result of implementing an in house developed framework called MGRM Engineering Practices (MEP). MEP allows an integrated view of everything that goes on within the organization.

In-house Research Core

The exhaustive and intensive research is at the core of Hitachi MGRM Net and its offerings. Cross-pollination of ideas and concepts among its Group companies ensures shared best practices and global advancements. These are regularly incorporated in product development, human resource development and service deployment.

Global Presence

Hitachi MGRM Net enjoys a global presence by virtue of its Group Companies and large team. Hitachi MGRM Net’s satisfied customers, be it for physical rehabilitation or for e-Governance solutions, are spread across the world. Thus, the Group is able to address similar issues in varied environments, which adds to the resource pool of knowledge and product development and enables it to expand the horizons of product design and delivery.

Quality Adherence

MGRM Net products, services, and solutions adhere to international standards.