M-Gov™ e-Services (Agriculture)

MGRM Net e-Governance solutions for Agriculture cover all aspects of the domain comprehensively. Educating farmers groups on the latest technologies in farming, Agriculture Extension, remote help for issues in agriculture, promotion of the agriculture as an enterprise, required knowledge sharing and training are all part of the program.

  • Farmer Extension Education / Extension Reforms Scheme
  • Mass Media Program
  • Extension for various Horticultural Missions ( Bamboo / Micro Irrigation / etc)
  • Agricultural Technology Management Scheme
  • Central Sector Scheme ‘Mass Media Support to Agriculture Extension’
  • Farmer-Farmer Extension Program
  • Agricultural Technology Information Center Program
  • National Animal Disease Reporting System
  • Agricultural Clinic
  • Tele-Agricultural Clinics
  • Agricultural Business Centers
  • Promotion of Agricultural-Enterprise
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • National Rural Livelihood Mission