M-Star™ Content Management System

M-Star™ Web Content Management System allows your University, College or Institution to create a dynamic website depicting your policy and philosophy. It allows you to maintain the site with most updated information and content. A key feature of M-Star™ WCMS is the flexibility it offers in terms of website revisions and updates. Pre defined rights and privileges facilitate the identified individual of the Institution to keep the website dynamic and most updated.

In case of a cluster of Institutions, M-Star™ WCMS empowers each Institution to manage their websites resulting in active websites, comprising of information that is relevant and current. Global recognition and branding are of critical importance for any institute; implementation of M-Star™ WCMS will help achieve them effectively.

Rather, implementation of a M-Star™ WCMS will create a citizen-centric platform through which all relevant stakeholders can share information and interact with each other, thereby facilitating Right to Information / Freedom of Information requirement.

The benefits of M-Star™ WCMS

  • Dynamic Portal for your Institution
  • Compliance to institutions mandate on information being made transparent and visible/accessible to all
  • Compliance with Right to Education, Right to Information / Freedom of Information and other global educational acts.
  • Global branding and instant visibility of every Institution
  • Important news, announcements, circulars, and notifications available to all
  • Each institution can host and manage its own images, videos, multiple events calendar and galleries
  • Each institution can send its own alerts and SMSs to parents and students
  • Ability to build a social media presence (RSS feeds, Face book, Twitter, Wiki, blogs, etc.) for enhancing alumni society networking and interactions
  • Decentralized content creation; each institution will manage its own content
  • Self-managed control panel for content management and uploads; easy to update at the institution level
  • High degree of interaction (e.g., polls, surveys, comments, feedback at individual institution level)
  • Multilingual support
  • Centralized workflows with decentralized approval process
  • Individual and secured log-ins for each user
  • Complete statistics (institutes, students, teachers, assets, infrastructure, capacities, distribution)
  • Key reports of institutions available at fingertips

Students and Parents benefits

  • Complete information about every institution, facilities and strengths
  • Informed decision-making and choices for admissions
  • Personalized home pages for students and staff
  • Access to institution image/video/events gallery
  • Ability to receive personal alerts and SMSs
  • Social media participation; access to institution-specific Face book, Twitter and Wiki accounts as well as blogs