M-Star™ LSP - Learning Support Platform

M-Star™ LSP is a highly intuitive tool for delivering online courses and distance education. It facilitates all the needs of the online learning community and benefits the instructors as well as students by bringing them on a common, cohesive platform, thereby bringing collaborative learning at your doorstep.

M-Star™ LSP is MGRM's premium Early Learning Platform, a significant leap forward over Learning Management Systems. This platform supports traditional face-to-face Classroom Instruction, various Blended Learning Modalities, fully Virtual Online Programs and Distance Education Programs.

Early Learning Platform

MGRM Early Learning Platform addresses the specific needs of

  • Districts, States and Nationwide e-Governance to provide mother oriented programs pertaining to Child Development, Nutrition, Health and Developmental Milestones.
  • Child oriented programs that foster sensory development, numeracy, reading, listening and other skills.
  • Early Childhood Education Institutions benefit from this platform by having uniform & standardized content throughout their system, as well as ready access to material by the Teachers, Trainers and Instructional staff.
  • Children related programs can be simple online activities conducted through engaging interfaces, or can be activities that are to be conducted at the institutional level.

M-Star™ LSP has the following Delivery Models

  • Traditional Education
  • Educational Trend - Virtual Institution online
  • Early Intervention Knowledge Bank

M-Star™ Skills Development Expert System

M-Star™ LSP provides for the skills development needs of the educational institutions. This application is deployed in the following models

  • Home Bound
  • Site Bound
  • School Bound

Culture education

M-Star™ LSP provides a salient platform to create, launch, and test the delivery of culturally oriented curriculum. In addition to culture, additional content areas such as pertaining to sports, games, and others can be deployed as required by your department or organization.

Salient Features of M-Star™ LSP

Following are the Value-enhanced functionalities and services that are a part of above discussed varied LSP modalities.

  • Personalized Learning Program (PLP)
  • Predictive & Corrective Analytics
  • Live Instruction & Live Support
  • Supplemental Learning Contents
  • Social Learning & Collaboration
  • Personalized Dashboard for Every User
  • Online Courses & Instruction Support
  • Course Equivalence
  • E-Portfolio