M-Governance Platform

MGRM Net products, services, and solutions adhere to international standards. Being India's leading e-Governance Technology Company our offerings in the domain of Education include education expert systems & e-Governance systems. Using patented concepts of Delivery to Development & Multi-Completeness Solutions, our systems address the multi-dimensional, life cycle based needs at every step of the user’s life cycle.

We are the first to bring education rehabilitation through e-governance at State and Country level. Our current focus is on Education & e-Governance, the global research, data & analysis enriches our offerings to be complete and comprehensive. Portfolio of solutions and services offered by us are indomitable, our integrated solutions are end to end, addressing all requirements of each stakeholder at every step of the user’s life cycle.

E-Governance is the application of ICT for delivering government services, integration of various systems & services between

  • Governments to Citizen-G2C
  • Government to Business-G2B
  • Government to Government - G2G

This includes office processes & interactions within the entire government framework. Through e-governance, government services are made available to citizens in a

  • Convenient
  • Efficient and
  • Transparent manner

MGRM has developed a Multi-Completeness platform (M-Governance) for state/central governments, covering the life cycle of a citizen to meet the vertical & horizontal growth standards of governance. The vertical & horizontal needs of governance are addressed through an integrated platform that consists of

  • Public,
  • Administration and
  • The institutional layers.

It is a 24X7, one stop service covering the entire life of an individual from a governance view point.

Life Cycle of a Citizen

Life Cycle of Citizen

MGRM specializes in recognizing needs of an individual across various stages of the life cycle – physical, psychological & social and addressing these through various services & solutions

An integrated platform to meet vertical & horizontal growth standards of e-Governance systems (Public, Institutional & Administration Layers) which provides Information, Interaction, Transaction, Transformation at the same time, same place, in a one-stop, non-stop, anytime, anywhere manner with e-citizen Complete Relationship Management.

MGRM's M-Governance


The architecture of the M-Gov solution is very dynamic and addresses all the services in perfect flow. Registration to varied services is provided under different M-Star TM products like M-Heal or M-Learn etc. A unique Id referred OmVcard is issued to every stake holder to facilitate easy access of service, information and other benefits. The services each stakeholder is entitled will be made available and appropriate certification or reporting document is issued to all.

M-Gov Architecture

M Gov Architecture

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