Accreditation Center

CCE or continuous and comprehensive evaluation was introduced by CBSE to evaluate a student’s performance based on a more holistic approach.

CBSE has specified guidelines for evaluation and report generation. These may be updated from time to time.

M-StarTM CCE software is a simple ready to use product and incorporates all latest CBSE guidelines. On-going updates are released as and when new policies or guidelines are released by CBSE. Reports for submission (online upload) to CBSE are also readily available.

As an added benefit you can use the software for other classes (besides class 6th – 10th) as well i.e

  • You can configure your examination policy for other classes. Reports would automatically get configured and get generated based on policies or the examination pattern defined
  • You can generate CCE reports for other classes

You also get a flavor of our M-StarTM School Expert System, as power of analytics is also delivered through our M-StarTM CCE software. Various analytical reports (available in form of graphs etc) are available which empower you not only to evaluate a student’s performance but a teacher’s performance as well.

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