M-Star™ Training Services

MGRM has developed a comprehensive Teacher Training & Professional Development Platform for the enhancement of the national educational system. The Platform is unique in that it can provide a fully virtual platform at one end of the spectrum, or it can support a fully brick & mortar system at the other, and a range of blended models in between.

Key aspects of the platform include

Curriculum & Course Creation: Programs can be created within the Platform and within them various terms wise courses can be defined. The curriculum for the course is created for approval by the concerned authority. Once completed, the courses can be created within the Platform.

  • It allows for creation of a teacher training curriculum that provides certification for interested individuals to help pursue a school based teaching career.
  • It also provides for induction based and in-service based training as is required in most institutions.
  • Professional Development and other certification based programs can be created using this platform.

Brick & Mortal to Fully Virtual Implementation:

  • Teacher Training can occur in a regular brick and mortar institution, within a university, teacher training college or elsewhere. The Platform supports institution function by providing admissions, scheduling, attendance, fee collection, and others, including performance assessment and system enhancement.
  • The same can be replicated to run a fully virtual program, wherein the above systems are provided virtually on the cloud.
  • Anytime Anywhere Access: accordingly students (in this case, the prospective teachers) can access the curriculum from their class or from home through the cloud deployment depending on their choice of admission.
  • Instructors can teach from the Platform, using the course or any supplemental material.

Professional Development & Certification Programs:

  • Various national and state bodies involved in development and delivery of professional development courses can come onto the platform to create their programs.
  • The system shall recommend certifications based on successful completion of such programs. E-degrees, E-Diplomas and E-Transcripts are provided both online, as well as on the OmVcard.

Sharing of Training & Professional Development Programs:

  • State and district teacher training programs can be used to train and develop teachers in private institutions. The courses serve as additional revenue opportunities.

Compliance Reporting:

  • Compliance requirements, such as Accreditation Standards and Indicators, can be built into the platform to enable seamless view of indicators without additional effort, and online submission as required. Additional statutory compliance reports are automatically created


  • Countrywide, statewide teacher training, and their subsequent development through professional development and other certification programs can be conducted through a single platform
  • Teacher curriculum and performances can be benchmarked to create standards and for subsequent development

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