About Us

Hitachi MGRM Net Ltd is India’s leading IT Product Company established in 1998 offering related IT services. It is part of the MGRM Group of Companies (www.mgrm.com). Its primary focus is the psychological dimension of the human personality, beginning with education. Hitachi MGRM Net demonstrated the features and impacts of e-Governance education system to several academicians, Educational Institutes and Governments of states across the Globe. It was agreed by all that the solutions of Hitachi MGRM Net have the potential to address most issues in the current education system.

Hitachi MGRM Net markets and implements the state of the art e-Governance Systems and Services licensed by its technology parent, MGRM. They are based on unique proprietary technologies developed through years of research. The research that was carried out with a special focus on India helps to assimilate diverse practices and smooth implementation of these systems. The myriad of research data and analysis on education and governance systems across the globe enriches our solutions to be complete and most relevant in education and e-governance domains.

Our product range includes leading-edge education expert systems, education E-governance systems and countrywide E-governance solutions. Our products popularly branded as M-Star and M-Gov are developed on the patented concepts of Delivery to Development and Multi-Completeness Solutions. These products are designated to address the multi-dimensional and life cycle based needs of education Governance and Country/State Governance.

Who We Are?

Hitachi MGRM Net is a global organisation that crafts social innovation solutions under multiple domains covering citizen life cycle.

Hitachi MGRM Net advantage

The Hitachi MGRM Net education E-governance System is a complete and integrated application, a fine blend of technology with value systems. This is designed to address all issues and needs related to Education and the E-governance Sector. MGRM Net’s E-governance is a research-based Proprietary platform that offers complete and efficient solutions apart from meeting the regulatory norms of different countries' educational systems and particularly of different States in India. It is offered on a “build, own and operate” basis to minimize the upfront investments on technology.

Group Mission

To make an individual, a Complete Personality.

Group Vision

Search and research are the essence of mankind. The resultant awareness leads to an individual's physical, psychological, social and spiritual evolution. Extensive scientific and medical research has proved that the concept of rehabilitation is not limited to physical rehabilitation. Ultimate Rehabilitation for the human race is one that can recognize and simultaneously encompass all the above elements that make an individual a complete personality.
Dr. K V R Murthy
Founder, MGRM