MGRM has developed a Multi-Completeness platform (M-Governance) for state/central governments, covering the life cycle of a citizen that meets the vertical & horizontal growth standards of governance. These offerings meet the vertical & horizontal needs of governance through an integrated platform that consists of public, administration & the institutional layers. "Vertical" refers to the numerous mechanisms, such as curriculum and teaching methodologies, which nurture and drive every stage of the education cycle and "Horizontal" refers to the different stages in the education cycle, starting from pre-primary to adult education. Every stage has its unique structure that provides a defined system to its stakeholders. E-completeness, the ultimate goal and tangible output of e-Governance, is embedded in M-Star Governance.

MGRM Multi-Completeness Platform is the mandate for secure transactions, for citizen advantage and for reform of society. It comprises of three layers namely Administration that includes the ministries and their functions, Institution that comprises of service delivery institutions such as hospitals, educational institutions, etc. for their related ministries, and thirdly the Public, the receiver of the services.