Biometric Solutions

A secure M-Star application will combine both OmVcard and biometric technology which provide a very high level of confidence in the confirmation of an individual’s identity, improving overall security and protecting the individual’s privacy with end-to-end integration along with workflows within M-Star Expert System.

Microprocessor based multi-functionality smart cards also known as OmVcard are widely acknowledged as one of the most secure and reliable forms of electronic attendance/identification.

To provide the highest degree of  confidence in a user’s verification, biometric technology coupled with OmVCard becomes a robust and unparallel secured system.

Benefits of OmVcard Biometric Authentication System

  • No Investment on Attendance Cards - The system works with OmVcard already available with teaching and non-teaching employees.
  • Single-Sign-On - With just one swipe of OmVcard, the user will automatically be identified within existing M-Star Institution Expert System without having the trouble of marking attendance again.
  • Accountability of Compliance - with Biometric and OmVcard authentication, Institutions have a stronger proof of identity to protect access to critical information which is an essential element in regulatory compliance.
  • Ease of Monitoring - the readers will be provided and installed by MGRM at every identified entry & exit doors where every employee can validate their entry and exit based on biometric and OmVcard combination without any individual manning the attendance register (in manual mode).
  • Future Extension – The solution can further be integrated with access control system which will ensure physical security of areas/zones within institution as per the policy decided by management
  • Reduce Infrastructure Complexity - The process of marking attendance will be tightly integrated with HRM, TOM, Payroll, Time Table etc Modules of M-Star giving seamless beneficial outcomes in no additional effort