OmVcard – Smart Card Solutions

Organizations worldwide seek to modernize their functions to enhance efficiency, reduce errors and develop their brand image, while simultaneously serving the consumer through a variety of value added services.

MGRM OmVcard based solutions provide for a number of stand-alone and integrated applications that enhance your organizations functions. In addition, they provide salient additional functions such as e-trust and security that ensures that the right person is accessing your services, a Pactop management system that records services delivered along with location, time and date and details of the provider, among others.

MGRM Offering

For corporate and retail chains, MGRM offers numerous applications, some of which are highlighted below

MGRM Unique Identity: MGRM provides a heightened identity application that resides on the OmVcard to validate the employee or customer identity, and to positively identify them based on credentials. Biometrics, Iris scans, dual authentication, and other features can be enabled to meet your organizations requirements

Loyalty: MGRM unique loyalty solution sets a new standard for loyalty programs. It provides for the general purchase based points that can be en-cashed, transferred, or even merged with other loyalty programs. In addition it provides for organizational performance based loyalty points, such as for engagement, & contributions, and for various other key performance indicators. These points can be defined for their utilization, such as towards travel, incentives and bonuses, and even nominations for challenging projects or even promotions.

E-Transcripts & Certificates: OmVcard solutions for professional bodies and education institutions include E-Transcripts and E-Certificates. These tamper-proof records are electronically embedded within the card, along with verifiable versions online. The remove the routine and recurring work of transcript print and issue, as well as certificate mailing and issuance

Electronic Medical Records: OmVcard Electronic Medical Records provide for comprehensive medical records. These help in timely access to records at the physician office and hospital, and for part of the records for emergency access at time of need. Electronic Prescriptions can be made a part of the system, allowing for error free prescriptions writing and issuance.

Other applications include E-Attendance, E-Purse, Fleet Management, Activities Management, and many others. Enquire to find how we can meet your requirement.


  • High level of engagement with staff and various stakeholders
  • Novel method to motivate performance and satisfaction
  • Reduced cost of operations
  • New and enhanced functions
  • Inbuilt security and E-Trust

MGRM Advantage

  • Multi-domain leadership in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and others
  • Integrate OmVcard offering with MGRM Hospital Expert System
  • Proven leadership in smartcard implementation
  • Zero-Implementation Process eliminates implementation time