Inspection Expert System

Inspection is the formal, organized evaluation of health processes, procedures, protocols, records, equipment function, and others to ensure that these systems are maintained at the highest level of responsiveness and fidelity.

Inspection Expert System is a highly versatile expert system that provides for rapid and authentic inspection of organizational processes, compliance such as Affiliations and Accreditations, procedures & protocols, equipment function, procurement inspection and others. The system is self-explanatory; with minimal outside understanding required for operating it. Where ever knowledge gaps exist, users can rapidly access help files.

Inspections can be created based on set schedules, events, and adhoc as required. Once created, inspectors & auditors can be assigned from your pool of resources or from external sources to do the inspection and additionally to audit the inspection process itself, to create a two layer authentic review process. M-Star™ guides in the inspection process through various templates, and review processes, thereby minimizing the requirements for the entire inspection process.

Inspection observations, lapses, comments pertaining to each stage and step can be captured, along with individual user’s feedback and comments, making for a rich, empowering and user-friendly exercise in developing the overall educational system. Video, images and voice recordings can be captured as desired.

M-Star™ Inspection Expert System provides for standards based assessments, wherein various steps can be given points and sections weighted to create overall scores, which can then be taken up for subsequent development, and a review cycle that tracks changes in each indicators scores. M-Star™ Inspection Expert System comes integrated with the M-Star™ Radar System to facilitate reporting, analytics and executive decision making, all of which can be tracked for progress or linked with a Project Management Module to take them up as an organizational project.

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