OmVcard - Smart Card Solutions

M-Star™ is propelled by revolutionary e-Governance architecture and is driven by a unique card, referred as OmVcard. The OMV (Online Multi-Doman Value) Card acts as a binding tool, integrating all the elements and all the services of the educational domain onto one single platform, and is accessible through highly secure user-based identity.

The unique features of OmVcard are

  • Provides unique ID to every user (institution & outside campus)
  • Multi-purpose card for Library, Exam Hall Ticket, Student Election, Canteen, Fee, etc.
  • Secure access depending on user/role
  • Tracks usage of services (transactions/ movements)
  • Monitors attendance pattern of student / employee attendance
  • Downloads complete student transcripts & employee records
  • Maintains health information for ready access in emergencies
  • Supports cashless transactions (e-purse)
  • Responsibilities can be added, deleted, updated centrally for an individual or group