M-Star™ Learning Support Platform(M-Star LSP)

MGRM key objectives include improving the quality of learning for the students through deployment of ICT in school education. Learning Support Services include those that can play an enabling role in improvement of quality and standards of school education.
M-Star LSP provide additional teaching aids, teaching learning material, model lesson plans (for concept explanation), self-learning tools, and standardized assessments that can be deployed in both schools and training institutes.
In-build M-Star Analytics builds on student performance and attendance data capturing the underlying student-teacher nuances and providesfaster feedback on performance to schools, training institutes and administrators.

M-Star LSP helps improve quality of learning for students through deployment of ICT tools in educational institutions. M-Star LSP enabled teacher learning, through digital content, structured lesson plans, assessment tools and others, at school and at teacher training institutes help your State in achieving rapid educational outcomes. Even greater benefits can be derived through identification of students who need remedial education, focused and customized teacher training, faster feedback to teacher training institutes, and better monitoring of the under-performing schools and training institutes, all of which can significantly impact the quality of learning.

ICT Enabled Training, Teaching, and Assessment Services

ICT enabled teacher learning (digital textbooks, short subject and language videos, videos of classroom teaching in best performing schools, structured lesson plans, self-learning tools, assessment tools..,) deployed in schools as well as teacher training institutes can have an impact on the quality of learning.

Solutions designed for delivery in the classroom in the school can be customized and deployed for teacher training.

Such solutions may not be amenable for one-size-fits-all or developed at the center. The content needs to suit the local context, teachers’ ease for use, and several other factors. Also, since standard content may not suit all requirements, M-Star LSP provide an enabling platform for schools and training institutes to either develop in-house or procure and deploy it. The end-users (schools and training institutes) should have the flexibility in such selection and usage matters.

In respect of the ease of implementation, deployment of M-Star LSP in teacher training may be more feasible as compared to the deployment of the same in schools due to of target size, numbers and locations of training centers.

MGRM provide an enabling platform for content delivery, in addition to content development as a service. MGRM enables your States to avail immediately available open source content in a usable form and further customize them, or develop proprietary content that is unique to your State.

Salient features include

  • ICT enabled Teacher Training and Classroom Teaching Services: MGRM augment your pre-service and in-service teacher training. In addition it enhances classroom teaching through utilization of ICT enabled teacher learning material, model lesson plans, classroom videos, and best practices across the performing schools in the training centers.
  • Self-Learning Tools for Teachers and Students: we provide access to self-learning tools to teachers and students to identify weak areas and enhance subject knowledge.
  • Assessment Services: M-Star Assessment Services enable standardized assessment of teachers, and students’ learning levels and provide quick feedback to the trainers or teachers. Deployment of standardized proficiency tests aid in comparison of teachers and students on uniform baseline. M-Star Assessment Services can also be deployed for in-service teachers to identify the gaps in teacher learning and provide the feedback to teacher training institutes.
  • Content Platform Services: Student Resource Hub can be provided through M-Star LSP to host all the relevant student resources and a Teacher Resource Hub to host the teacher resources can provide the enabling platform for ICT enabled delivery services. M-Star LSP include the entire curriculum lifecycle services including content authoring, multi-step approvals, dissemination, and secure access based on the end-user.

Distance Education (open school) Services

M-Star LSP provides as a platform for running the Open Schools, by facilitating registration, online learning, running of related distance learning centers, facilitating assignments, creation of portfolios and conducting online and at-site examinations.