About KV Shaala Darpan

KV Shaala Dapran is a pioneering initiative of Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India, aimed at leveraging Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for enhancing the academic delivery system in all the 1099 schools under Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghathan.

The KV Shaala Darpan (e-Governance) system will link all KV schools and provide an interface to the public, its administration and each respective institution.

While covering the entire lifecycle of students, it would serve as a single platform for delivering services to parents, teachers, alumni and the school management. It will usher in a paradigm shift from the existing manual & semi-automated systems working in silos to electronic and integrated management of its various academic and administrative functions e.g. admissions, examinations, accounts, fees, MIS Reports, etc.

It would also serve as the first and largest ICT deployments under Government of India ‘Digitial India’ initiative in Education Domain. In its true sense, this initiative would result in digitization of over a millionregisters and forms maintained across all Kendriaya Vidyalayas across the country.

This e-governance system aims to promote good governance i.e. bringing in a culture of transparency, accessibility, accountability and efficiency in the overall functioning of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan and its schools.


  • Serves as a single integrated platform to address academic and administrative requirements of various stakeholders namely students, teachers, management & parents.
  • Enhance academic delivery systems thereby improving overall quality of education e.g.
    • Serves as a platform to deliver content, teaching - learning material for students and teachers, self-assessments etc.
    • Provide tools to assess student, teacher performance based on which necessary interventions can be taken
    • Provide dashboard to administrative body and management to aid in decision making
  • Promote participation by stakeholders e.g. parents etc.
  • Bring in uniformity / standardization of implementation of policies, processes and programs

I. Benefits for Students

  1. A platform to address a student’s needs:
    • Focus on specific development needs with historic data
    • Comprehensive personal profile covering health records, reading habits (based on books issued in library), examination performance, participation in extra-curricular activities &achievements.
    • Access to class schedules, examination schedules, books availability in the library, transport routes, fee dues etc.
    • Online learning resources such as assignments, homework, reference material for self-paced learning.
    • Facilitates interaction i.e. Connect with teachers, log grievances, message fellow students, participate in blogs, recommend books in the library, etc.
  2. Multipurpose Smart card i.e. student’s ID Card, health card, library card etc.

II. Benefits for Parents

  1. Comprehensive and evidence based view of their child’s overall progress through
    • Academic performance with areas requiring attention such as attentiveness in class, reading abilities, team work, initiatives etc.
    • More meaningful parent teacher meetings (PTM).
  2. Efficient support services
    • For routine matters e.g. Upcoming events, examination schedules, fee dues, tuition certificates, transfer certificates, conduct certificate etc.
    • Access to online facilities such as online admissions &payment gateway.
  3. A platform for engagement / collaboration for right direction to the student.

III. BenefitsFor Teachers

  1. Access to useful information
    • Personal records such as service record, leave, attendance, time-table, etc.
    • Class profile assistsin taking an appropriate approach for teaching.
    • Inputs for specific academic and co-scholastic focus.
    • Online resource for self-learning and development
  2. Enhances overall efficiency
    • Frees time from routine tasks for attending to students.
    • Better/ easier management of attendance and examination.
    • Online facilities e.g. leave applications, requisition for items etc.
  3. Helps in Self-appraisal based on class results and career goal setting.

IV. Benefits For Management

  • Electronic blue print of the institutions with a decision support system.
  • Streamlined processes&work flow based automation - ushers in all-round efficiency and better financial management
  • Ease of statutory compliances.
  • Facilitates adoption of ethical management & good governance practices with higher accountability and transparency.