M-Star™ Analytics & Decision Support

Student Need Assessment Services

Deriving from student attendance, activities and events participation, and performance in scholastic and co-scholastic activities, M-Star Analytics provides visibility to administrators at school to:

  • Identify students who are in need of remedial classes well before the end of the academic year
  • Identify students with increased risk of dropout based on their attendance and performance patterns
  • Trends in student enrollment

Teacher Training Need Assessment Services

M-Star Analytics helps identify teachers who require customized and personalized in-service teacher training. Such analysis also provides feedback on the pedagogy, courses and training material to the teacher training institutes. Training is rendered through M-Star LSP.

School Performance Assessment Services

School performance assessment services built on the student and teacher data captured at the school enables comparative analysis of schools with similar profiles on various parameters such as progress on the curriculum, school working days, attendance of students, attendance of teachers, performance of students and teachers. Such analysis shall aid in:

  • Visibility of the school performance relative to similar schools to the school teachers and administrators.
  • Visibility of under-performing schools to the administrators that aids in scheduling the school inspections
  • Identification of best practices (lesson plans, remedial classes, teacher training, school administration) in the high performance schools for dissemination to the other schools